In Motion with You

Motion experts and software solutions providers

Motion experts

Quandyga provides tailor-made digital twins and accompanying services for computer simulation and motion analysis of the kinematics and dynamics of your mechanical systems such as robots, road and rail vehicles, the human body, ...

We make sure
your motion is the best.

Mechanical Engineering

Quandyga helps its partners with mechanical dimensioning, specification calculations, design optimization, compliance with standards, etc. Quandyga can even accompany them to their customers, or help them choose from among their suppliers.

We optimize
your mechanical system.

Software Engineering

Quandyga's expertise in software engineering supports you throughout your project, providing you computer tools which are efficient and adapted to your needs. We are specialized in software interfaces and data pre/post processing.

We take the load off
your IT processes.

Fields of applications

Working together

Motion studies

The study of movement is usually only a local issue, in time or space, of an engineering project. Based on our software Robotran , we offer comprehensive - but targeted - studies and models to help you understand and solve kinematic or dynamic challenge that you encounter at any time during your project.

Software tools

We alleviate you from software coding by creating interfaces, integrating IT tools together, designing data processing. We also work with embedded systems: our digital twins can be implemented in various types of hardwares (CPU, FPGA, ...), can be integrated in a Hardware-in-the-loop bench, can interact in real-time with your controller, ...

Mechanical design

Mechanical systems are often complex systems requiring advanced mechanical engineering. Quandyga can take care of mechanical design, from specification and design to implementation supervision and maintenance support. We also deal with multiphysics coupling, e.g. taking into account the physics of an electrical motor.


At Quandyga, we offer training modules, general or integrated to your projects, analyzing kinematics and dynamics of mechanical systems. Any formula is possible (duration, level, content, details, targeted applications): our training courses are tailored to your needs and your teams.

Our values


We see our projects through to completion, and beyond.


Project sustainability is at the heart of our methods.


We build strong relationships with our partners.


We are guided by scientific and technical excellence.


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