Mastering the movement

Enhance the kinematic and dynamic performances of your mechanical systems with Quandyga solutions!

Fields of expertise

Experts in the study of motion

Quandyga provides tailor-made computer tools and accompanying services for computer simulation and motion analysis of the kinematics and dynamics of your mechanical systems such as robots, road and rail vehicles, the human body, ...

Quandyga's expertise in the field of modelling, simulation and analysis of mechanical, electromechanical or biomechanical systems, will help you to better understand the functioning, to correct malfunctions or to optimize the performance of your devices.

Our values

▪ Expertise

▪ Dialogue

▪ Commitment

▪ Sustainability

At your service

Complete studies

The study of movement is often only a local issue, in time or space, of an engineering project. Based on this we offer comprehensive - but targeted - studies to help you understand and solve kinematic or dynamic problems that you encounter at any time during your project.

Custom-made models

With our symbolic generator Robotran , we provide multi-body models and customised simulation tools. These work without the need to install sophisticated software and integrate directly into your own software environment, programmed in the language of your choice (C/C++, Matlab, Python, ...).


We offer training modules, general or integrated to your projects, analyzing kinematics and dynamics of mechanical systems. Any formula is possible (duration, level, content, details, targeted applications): our training courses are tailored to your needs and your teams.


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