Cargo bicycles: how dynamic are you?

Urgent need for more environmentally friendly transport vehicles is leading to the developments of new bicycles: cargo bikes, electrified trailer, etc. Innovative and ingenious morphologies are being designed everyday.

But what about their dynamics, i.e. their behavior on the road? What about stability, energy consumption, handling skills, ergonomics, ...?

At Quandyga, we offer simulation tools to optimize and secure your bikes and your road infrastructure. We help you to create safer and greener cycling mobility!

Illustrative simulations for various cargo loadings

Load at back

No load

Load at front

What do we offer?

Many outcomes are possible! For instance, we studied a bike in which a 30kg load is placed on the front or back. The graphs clearly show how the load affects the bike handling, leading more instabilities and requiring more attention from the driver.

The use of simulations makes it possible to study various bikes or trailer topologies. Furthermore, it allows the selection of the most suitable and safe ones at an early stage of the design process.

Expertise in bicycle dynamics

Bicycle dynamics holds no secrets for Quandyga.

Thanks to our expertise in the multibody simulation technology, we are able to tackle all kinds of bike shapes and designs.

Our multibody software Robotran and our advanced simulation tools have been tested and validated experimentally.


▪ Geometry optimisation

▪ Virtual prototyping

▪ Control design

▪ Mass distribution

Added values

▪ Safety and stability

▪ Ergonomics

▪ Energy saving

▪ Design cost reduction

Our expertise stems from more than 30 years of scientific research about computer simulation and experimental validation



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